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watch Fantastic Planet 1973 movie online Stay up to date with movie On the planet Ygam, the Draags, extremely technologically and spiritually advanced blue humanoids, consider the tiny Oms, human beings descendants of Terra's inhabitants, as ignorant animals. Those who live in slavery are treated as simple pets and used to entertain Draag children; those who live hidden in the hostile wilderness of the planet are periodically hunted and ruthlessly slaughtered as if they were vermin.

Title:Fantastic Planet
Release:Dec 01, 1973
Runtime:1h 12m
Genre:Animation, Science Fiction
Stars:Jeanine Forney, Gérard Hernandez, Jennifer Drake, Jean Valmont, Sylvie Lenoir, Yves Barsacq, Jean Topart, William Coryn, Philippe Ogouz, Irina Tarassov, Yvette Robin, Michèle Chahan, Madeleine Clervanne, Poupy de Monneron, Éric Baugin, Max Amyl, Denis Boileau, Hubert de Lapparent, Christian de Tillière, Christian Echelard

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